17.7 – Valentine

And now, traffic. A representative from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, waving vaguely at a map in our studio, said that there are street closures, quote, ‘All over. Just alllll over the general area,’ the representative said, tapping the edge of the map with two knuckles. ‘A bunch of ‘em, in different places.’

We asked if he could be more specific, and he nodded, but did not say anything more. We tried naming a couple of streets to see if any of them were included on the list of closures, but the representative only replied with, ‘Oh, yeah! Probably,’ and an ambiguous head waggle to each one. He added that anyone caught on a closed road would be dealt with in the usual manner, and then he winked and gave me a thumbs-up It is possible he was merely a vagrant who wandered into the studio. We didn’t bother to check his credentials.

Just to be safe, though, look out for road closures all over in the general area, listeners. They’re in a bunch of different places, probably. This has been traffic.


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