15.11 – Street Cleaning Day

Ladies and gentlemen, it is not possible for us to exactly do another news report on Street Cleaning Day, as no information can get through the barricades and seals that are keeping us safe within our broadcasting bunker.  Instead, we offer the following impressionistic list of what we believe is happening outside our secure perimeter.

  • Screaming
  • A slow movement downwards
  • The crunch of items made of wood and items not made of wood
  • A quick movement upwards
  • Char
  • A smell like rotting seaweed, or a poisoned ocean
  • The song “La Bamba”, only faster
  • You know that feeling when you realize you’re not alone?  Only more so
  • Screaming
  • Screaming
  • Screaming

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, the street cleaners are upon us.  What can we do?  What is there to do, besides, perhaps, taking you in a haze of terror and heat to the weather?

[“A Little Irony” by Tom Milsom. Music can be found at tommilsom.bandcamp.com.]


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