9.7 – “PYRAMID”

Home handymen, fix-it vixens, ladies and gentlemen who love to get their hands dirty… let’s talk about home repair.

Certain jobs are fine for the amateur, and certain others should be left to the professionals. Leaky sinks, sticky windows, minor exorcisms, and bleeding doors— all these are the kind of “quick fixes” that a toolbox and a quick search on the internet should allow you to take care of.

On the other hand, structural damage, major remodeling, seeping darkness, major exorcisms, roof boils, and lawn care— these are all the kind of work that should not be attempted by anyone without years of expertise and a valid hammer license from the City Council. Finding the right professional for the job is easy: just look at the yellow pages. Or head down to the squatter shacks by the edge of the sand wastes, and ask around among the homeless.


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