Let’s start with a greeting.

This site exists to help navigate the many intriguing plot threads of the delightful Welcome to Night Vale podcast.

Each transcript is broken up into excerpts, bit by bit. Each excerpt is tagged with the relevant characters, locations, plot events, mysteries and wonders contained therein. This way, if you want to read everything the show has ever said about, for example, Old Woman Josie, you can simply click the Old Woman Josie tag in the tag cloud to the right, and all the relevant transcript excerpts will come up.

The site is currently under construction and so far contains episodes 1 – 19A. Your feedback is welcome. If you think something additional should be tagged, or notice a tag left off an entry that needs it, please mention it! (Just be polite so as not to disturb the librarians, whose chains are not in particularly good repair.)

Aimlessglee, also known as leiascully, created the transcripts for episodes 12 and onward used here. Episodes 1 – 11 were transcribed by librarians.

Welcome to Night Vale was created by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink, and is a production of Commonplace Books. If you enjoy the show and have some scratch, donate, or buy some Night Vale stuff.