14.3 – The Man In The Tan Jacket

Ladies and gentlemen, surely you have noticed. There’s a man in a tan jacket.

Countless residents have seen him, but no one can seem to remember exactly what he looks like. Just that he has a tan jacket and a deerskin suitcase, and he has been spotted all over town. But no one can quite recall specifically where they saw him, or what time of day it was. Just that they saw him. Frances Donaldson, the tall woman with the green eyes who manages the antiques mall, thinks maybe the Man in the Tan Jacket is simply a shared dream. But I know I saw him, Night Vale. I know what I saw. This man couldn’t possibly be a dream. He was so vivid. His eyes were… well, his nose, and his chin… oh, I can just see! I just can’t remember. The man was clear as day! He had a tan jacket, and a deerskin suitcase. He can’t be a dream, can he? Please, call in, listeners, and let us know if you can remember anything else.