2.9 – Glow Cloud

This is probably nothing, listeners, but John Peters, you know, the farmer, he reports that the Glow Cloud is directly over Old Town Night Vale, and it appears to be raining small creatures upon the earth. Armadillos, lizards, a few crows… that kind of thing.

Fortunately, the animals appear to be dead already, so the Night Vale Animal Control Department has said it should be a snap to clean those up. They just have to be tossed on the eternal animal pyre in Mission Grove Park.

So if that’s the worst Glow Cloud has for us, I say, go ahead and do your daily errands. Just bring along a good, strong umbrella, capable of handling falling animals up to, say, ten pounds. More on the Glow Cloud as it continues to crawl across our sky.

And hey, here’s a tip: take your kids out, and use the cloud’s constantly mutating hue to teach him or her the names of colors. It’s fun, and it shows them the real-life applications of learning.