12.9 – The Candidate

The following is a test of the Emergency Dream Broadcast System.

[Creepy music plays. Cecil speaks in a low voice.]

In the event of an actual emergency, you would just now be experiencing a dream in which you were in the neighborhood where you grew up, only all the houses are now black, featureless cylinders.  Just row after row of these blank dark cylinders, stretching out around you.  You are home, but you are also somewhere from whence you will never find home again. There is someone waiting for you at the end of the longest street.  You know that, although you do not know who.   You try to run down the street and it grows longer and longer.  You pass by one cylinder in particular and know that it’s your house.  You stop running.  You approach the blank face of the cylinder, its surface seeming to devour light and sound.  You reach out and you are inches from touching it.  Just then you hear a ding. You look up to see words in the sky.  “POSSIBLE FLASH FLOODS” they say.  “ALERT VALID UNTIL 3 PM.”

[Cecil speaks in a cheerful voice.]

Once again, this has been a test of the Emergency Dream Broadcast System.